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Shiitake Mushroom

A key component of the Asian cuisine that has the potential to enhances the umami taste in dishes. The molecule 1-octen-3-ol also known as the mushroom’s alcohol gives off its own the undeniable aroma. The majority comes from the China and Korea but the the most sought after are from Japan and its name comes from the the word shii referring to a a specific type of tree (similar to chestnut tree) where the mushroom grows.
When it is fresh and whole it has a soft and delicate smell while when cut and damaged some it produces this molecule called mushroom alcohol which has that particular taste. Larger and more mature ones have a more intense smell than the smaller ones that have not yet opened unopened caps. The dried reason for the have a higher condensation a stronger aroma, especially those used in Asian cuisine.
The specific ones should be be eaten in a reasonably relatively a reasonably short period (1 year) to have retain the best possible taste and not create possibly mould. Dried Shiitake mainly in Japanese dashi and in some sauces.
Fresh is often found in miso soup with an aromatic profile, herbal, earthy and quite a bit sulphurous onion.

Taste profile