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Fresh coriander, also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley, is used in almost all of Asia and in Central and South America.It is a distrusted plant that belongs to the family of flowering plants that also includes celery, parsnip and carrot as well as other herbs such as parsley, dill and cumin. The relationship you can create with cilantro is extreme, either you will love it or you will hate it.
Its aroma is citrusy with a fairly fresh smell but also a soapy taste due to the chemical compounds called aldehydes which are also created in the soap making process. To avoid this strong effect it is good to break the leaves which will inactivate these sediments which turn into the compounds I mentioned above called (aldehydes) aldehydes. It is used in almost all European cuisine except in some parts of Portugal and its roots are also found in South Asia.
It is also found in Mexican cuisine in tacos and meat dishes, fish dishes and soups. Guacamole is a recipe that calls for cilantro. Finally, a chemical compound present in fresh cilantro, which unlike the seeds has a lower intensity, is linalool, which is found in many flowers and spices and can vary from lemony to spicy to sweet and floral. We have used its aromatic character in combination with lemon flavours as well as green and pine where we get it from kaffir and the flavouring we have in Asian G&T.

Coriander Flavour Profile​

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