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As well as from its name we can understand its taste profile. Aromas we find in lemon as well as menthol of which gives us this cool and mindy aroma. At first glance it immediately reminds us of our own Greek spring onion but it is actually a tropical type of chloe.
Its fibrous outer skin needs to be removed so that you can cut it into small pieces which will also bring out its aroma.
It is used in seafood dishes as well as in meat marinades. It is widely known in South Asia where they use it a lot in their local cuisine to give a citrusy, floral character to their dishes which are mainly seafood dishes.
Thai green curry paste consists of a mixture of lemongrass, coriander, cumin, cumin, markut lime (we will talk about what it is in another text), green peppercorn, galangal, chilli. We use it in Asian G&T to get that lemony yet cool aroma.

Lemongrass Flavor profile​

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