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Kaffir leaves

The combination of citronella and geraniol give makrut lime this intense green lemony and piney green aroma. The leaves, which are mostly used fresh, have a stronger intensity than the main fruit. Almost throughout Southeast Asia, the dark green kaffir leaves are used to flavour soups. In recent years the term makrut lime has become commonly referred to in the West and is associated with the apartheid dialect used in South Africa.
Its citronella-containing essential oils are used as a hair tonic and insect repellent in the Sri Lankan region where it is believed to be where it was produced. Also in Colombia its leaves together with its bitter juice and lemongrass, turmeric, chilli and galangal make a difference in local dishes. Apart from its green and quite floral aroma, it also contains a herbal character. Finally, a type of chemical compound called cocoa pyrazines reveal a chocolate, coffee and cashew flavour.

Kaffir Taste profile​

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